Please read the Frequently Asked Questions & General Info page before sending your audio files.

I can offer you an audio mastering solution at a flat rate of $40 (Aus) per audio track. There are reasons as to why I can charge such a low rate so please let me explain:

My service is mastering audio, and that’s it! Nothing else! All I do is master / finish the audio – I do not provide any other services.

I only master digital audio in a digital audio format. I do not master from reel to reel tape, or DAT or any of those other formats, I only accept digital audio, and I only give digital audio back. I can however send you the audio files on a CD as an audio CD or as a data CD, or on a USB thumb drive if you wish but please note that this will mean it takes longer for your finished tracks to reach you due to postage times.

For the most part, uploading and downloading data files into an online cloud account is the preferred method. It’s easier, cheaper, and quicker to send and receive files.

Some of the services I do not provide, is obtaining ISRC numbers, filling out ID3 tags, CD duplication etc. The more time I have to spend online getting numbers or filling out metadata is more time I am not mastering audio. Obtaining ISRC numbers, and filling out metadata will be the responsibility of yourself or your record label.

As I said… editing audio is ALL I DO! And this is how I am able to offer a service at a lower price.

If you are interested in having your music placed on iTunes and some 40 other online global digital distributors… please don’t hesitate to ask me for a provider with (what I think) is a really good deal. Alternatively, you can visit their website directly at – I have used this service for my own projects, and for my friends projects and I personally recommend their services.

Click HERE for more information including how to submit your music.